Seven Hills Restaurant Istanbul Sultanahmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hotel Seven Hills have parking facilities?
You may park your car next to our hotel on the Street. We do not take the responsibility if something happens.
Is Seven Hills Restaurant only a restaurant with a terrace or do you have an indoors area too?
Seven Hills Restaurant is at your service with 80 people capacity indoors and 120 people capacity outdoors facilities everyday throughout the year.
Do you offer party services for events such as engagement, henna, and wedding ceremonies?
At Seven Hills Restaurant we organize dining events (receptions, special corporate events etc.). We do not organize musical events.
I am planning a surprise birthday party. How can you help me?
We will be more than happy to offer a choice of pre-planned surprizes (cakes, flaming fruits etc.) for special events.
Do the hotel accommodation charges have to be calculated in Turkish Lira?
No, our hotel accepts currencies such as Euro, USD, GBP
Do I need a reservation?
You do not need a reservation. However, we will be very sorry, if we fail to serve you on your arrival. It is better to book a reservation, and get a confirmation to avoid delay and setback.
Is Seven Hills Restaurant only a seafood restaurant?
Seven Hills Restaurant is more than a seafood restaurant. Please see our menu for more details.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we do. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Foreign exchange rates applied by the Central Bank of Turkey are applicable at the hotel.
Do you have an elevator?
Yes, we have an elevator.
What is the view from the restaurant?
You will enjoy the magnificent view of Bosporus, Hagia Sophia, and Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) at sunrise and sunset.
Restaurant serving hours.
Morning: Breakfast 8:00- 12.00
Noon: Lunch starts at 12:00  
Evening: Closes at 23:00